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Main Equipemnts

We have many kinds of heavy duty equipment,such as C62×8000mm to C61250×20000mm CNC Heavy duty Horizontal Lathe, 1m-14m Gear Hobbing Machine and its matching Vertical lathe(1000mm-16000mm), 80-200 CNC Boring-milling Machine, 3000mm×6000mmCNC Planing Machine, 200mm Rolling Machine, CNC Cutting Machine, 5ton to 100ton Overhead Traveling Crane, 1600m Longmen Saw, Riveting-welding Machine etc. And also all kinds of heat treatment equipment, like, Gas Box Car-bottom Furnace from 1500×2600mm to 8000mm×10000mm Vertical Differential Temperature Furnace (ø3000mm×6500mm), 250kw Mid-frequency & 60kw High-frequency Heating Equipment,105kw Carburizing Furnace etc.